Terms and conditions

These general sales conditions are applicable to all sales from Respond AS while not otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.


"Buyer" means in this document the person or representative from the company who orders an item from Respond AS.


All prices are normally quoted in Norwegian kroner including VAT on the netshops that are based for privat shopping, and ex VAT in the netshops that are based for corporate shopping.

Price changes

Prices may change without notice to the purchaser. This may be changing supplier prices, changes in exchange rates and so on. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep abreast of current prices. Respond AS can not change the price of a product after the ordercomfirmation has been sent to buyer.  Respond AS undertakes to deliver the goods at the agreed price.


Respond AS will always pass on information about products provided by our suppliers. If a product does not match the specifications provided by Respond AS or other sources, that in itself is not entitled to any claim above Respond AS part of the buyer. It does not give the right to return the goods, unless the specifications of the product that is delivered differs significantly from those stated.


Deficiencies in delivery

Any deficiencies in a delivery must be reported to Respond AS in reasonable time after the error should have been discovered.


Missing / invalid Products

Discovered that any deficiencies or possible errors in a product, the purchaser within a reasonable time after the defect should have been discovered, to report the defect to Respond AS whose own attempts to find solution to the problem does not succeed. If Respond AS gives specific instructions on how the defect / complaint may be processed to find a solution to the problem, these instructions must be followed.



Goods in stock are delivered the same or following day. In addition, charter (normally 2-4 days within Norway). If any of the ordered items are out of stock, the delivery time is longer, usually 2-3 weeks extra. Actual delivery depends on our suppliers' ability to deliver. Respond AS will provide an estimated delivery time upon request, calculated from information provided by our suppliers, experience from previous deliveries, etc. Stated delivery times are not binding in any way.

Order's validity

An order is valid when the order confirmation is received. Order confirmation is given pr. email. Upon orders by phone, fax or letter is implicitly given that order confirmation is given unless Respond AS informs you otherwise. By entering an order is implicitly given that the purchaser agrees to abide Respond AS their sales conditions. An order / order is valid until the item is canceled or Respond AS in writing / per e-mail canceling the order.


All products to private individuals and firms ships usually COD, if the packet nature permits. Respond AS chooses cheapest freight (usually Postnord), but are free to choose another freight company. If works nature does not allow delivery per Posten, another charterer be chosen by Respond AS. The buyer can also specify the desired chartering method. Any additional costs this entails for Respond AS will charge the buyer. All incurred fees in connection with the charter borne by the purchaser.

Payment / credit

Approximate shipping expenses to the actual shipping cost plus fees, billed the buyer together with the delivery of the goods. If the charterer firm that, can not offer the service accordingly Post's service "COD", the goods must be prepaid. Credit to individuals is given only after a minimum of one year fixed customer relationships. Enterprise customers can extend you credit when that credit application completed and returned along with last year's accounts. Our accounting department will then assess credit and credit limit. Respond reserves the right to reject any application for credit without giving reasons for its refusal. At credit sales given the 10 day credit to companies / individuals and 30 day credit to public institutions. It will be sent out one reminder for credit sales before the claim is sent to a collection agency. Default interest and late charges calculated at any time to a maximum of current rules for this.

Sales Pant

Respond AS has a lien on the sold goods as security for its claim for the purchase price plus interest and costs, cf. Mortgage Act §3-14 ff.

Return Policy

Applies to private individuals: Respond AS follows within Norway principles of consumer law for rebounds with a right to refund. Goods must be returned in the same condition as they were received. When properly completed return (acc. Respite Act) repayable works full price hostage and shipping costs to the buyer.

Unclaimed deliveries

By uncollected shipments / packages buyer will be imposed sum of the following: NOK150 in fees for unclaimed goods, this is necessary to cover our costs in connection with such breach of contract.


Claims for purchase Act.


Warranty on all products follow the manufacturer's warranty. This is normally at least 1 year. The manufacturer guarantees the products ability to function during the warranty period. Warranty coverage is not normally failure caused by inappropriate or unintended use, external damage or improper maintenance. The warranty includes not normally parts for products whose normal life is shorter than the specified warranty period. The warranty covers only the product itself, not any additional products or information that the buyer has supplied the product. Upon warranty claim must be alleged defective product returned to Respond AS with complete manuals and original packaging, unless otherwise agreed.

Documentation by consignments

All shipments to Respond AS regarding returns, warranty claims, etc. must be attached to a cover letter that refers to the original invoice number, purchase date, and information about what the shipment applies. Shipment to Respond AS shall be made at no charge to Respond AS. Packets sent COD or "beneficiary pays shipping" will not be retrieved.


Disputes arising in case of disagreement over provisions or conditions falling within the ordinary courts with Oslo City Court as legal venue. All legal issues arising will be judged according to Norwegian laws.